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Anyone can buy on this website, even and especially private customers. We only sell our yarns online. We do not have a physical store to the public, we have a goods warehouse from which we ship orders placed on this website. You will receive the purchased goods directly to your home or to any address you provide us with.

If you are a companyolease, subscribe as company. Company in EU Countries must have VAT number valid in EU Countries, please, insert it.

All the yarns you can find on this website are in stock lot, they come from fine series of knitting mills, auctions and sometimes failures. For this reason we can sell the yarns at prices much lower than the normal prices you can find in the shop.

The yarns available are in small quantities. Always check that you have enough, because probably you won't find the same yarn or the same color in the future.

P.D.: All yarns must be washed after worked.

Yes, our yarns come from stock from knitting mills and rods and are all to be washed/treated before or after processing, however a simple wash is required which you can do yourself by hand or better in the washing machine.

You can find our best tips on processing and washing by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

We have created a tutorial to show you how to browse and buy on our website. Watch it by clicking here.

In this video you will be able to see how to reset your account password and how to log in during the purchase, directly from the checkout page:

For to see how to calculate shipping costs click here

I state that you can pay with all the cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuits, also prepaid.

To pay by credit card you have two ways:

1 - Choose "Credit Card" payment request, you will be redirected / to the Unicredit Bank website and follow all the steps by entering your Visa and MasterCard credit card details.

You must have the card's security code, the temporary one that arrives via SMS is also fine. The one on the Visa card is called "Verification by Visa" the one on the MasterCard is simply called the "MasterCard security code", which is entered when you are asked for it on the bank's website, at the last step of the payment.

2 - You can pay through Paypal with your credit card even without having a Paypal account or being registered with Paypal. See below as a rate:

When you arrive on the Paypal page, instead of entering the access data, click directly on "Pay as unregistered user" ("Paga come utente non registrato" if page is in italian language):

Then enter your data and credit card details:

Yes, it is essential to take a sample before processing the yarn, whether you have washed it before or decide to wash it after processing. Each yarn is different from the other, sometimes even different colors of the same yarn have small differences (for example light colors make it different from dark colors). Especially when it comes to delicate and precious fibres such as Cashmere.

Making the sample serves to see the hand, see the yield, develop the size, so you can calculate if the quantity you have purchased is enough for the work you need to do.

We do not accept complaints about processed yarns, especially if you have not made a test sample with washing before.

WARNING: Always make the sample and wash it before doing the final work. If the sample has defects attributable to the yarn we will change or refund the yarn after checking the defect.
We will NOT be responsible for any work done without first making the sample.
In case of defective yarn you must return the yarn and the sample to us so that we can verify the defect.
If you use an outer knitwear, always ask to make the sample before making the final garment. We will NOT be responsible for any work done if you have not done or have had the sample made before.
Each yarn is different from the other, each colour is different from the other and makes the yarn in a different way, each spinning mill makes the yarn in a different way.

N.B.: The number of needles indicated in the description of each product is indicative, it depends on the hand, the type of stitch and the type of garment to be made.

If you want more information about the processing and washing of yarns in bobbins, search the links at the bottom of the page or go to our blog.

The thickness of the yarns (in jargon called "count") is calculated by measuring the meters contained in 1 kg of yarn. Unfortunately the yarn cannot be measured with the gauge, and the best way to measure them is in meters.
In the description of all yarns on our website you will find a number preceded by "Nm.", that number is the length of the yarn. If for example braids Nm. 3200 means that 1 kg of that yarn will contain 3200 meters.

For more information go to our blog or download the basic yarn course for FREE.

Our Alicja Kwartnik has created a small course in three lessons, giving us a lot of guidance and helping us to calculate the best possible quantity to make our knitting, you can find it on our blog by clicking here.

To buy two cones of the same color and the same lot you have to insert 2 in the quantity to add to the cart, if the quantity is not available look for an insertion where two spools are available. If you buy from two different advertisements, the same colour, they will be two cones of different lot and sometimes of different spinning.

If you buy from EU Countries you can have free shipping on orders over 299,00 euro. Shipping is FREE only for EU Countries.

If you have a Coupon Code, you must insert it in the form in the shopping cart page and you must click on "Apply". You can see it in the checkout page too. See picture below:

You can change the email address you registered with on this website by logging into your account and going to the information, then remember to log in with the new email address.
You can also change the email address you used to subscribe to our newsletter or one of our courses or any other subscription, simply repeat the subscription with the new email address.
You have to change the email address on your account or re-subscribe to our newsletter, unfortunately for technical reasons and for privacy reasons we cannot do that for you.

When you place an order on our website, first of all make sure that address and phone number are complete and correct, make sure that the name you use in the delivery address is also written on the bell, make sure you have entered the house number and better if you use a mobile phone number, so our courier sends you a text message to notify you of the day of delivery.

Use an address where there is always someone who can pick up the package. If you know you're not at home use your work address, if you can't receive the package at work ask someone to have it sent to your address, for example a family member living nearby, or a friend or neighbour. Of course, if there is a doorman, the problem is solved, just tell him that you need to receive a package, but still specify the doorman's hours when you place your order.

Always keep in mind that:

Courier drivers do not call to let you know they are coming, unless they know you well, or there is a very, very helpful driver in your area. They always have a lot of deliveries and pick-ups to make and are always in a hurry, they don't have time to phone all the people they have to deliver to. Sometimes they also have more than 100 deliveries to make in a day.
Delivery times vary. In the sms message you receive there is an indicative time (for example: from ... to ...), the delivery time varies depending on how many deliveries they have to make, if they have few will come soon, if they have many will come late.
Do not ask us when the courier will come, because we do not know, we can not know, we can not know the times of couriers throughout Italy

The normal practice of couriers for deliveries is as follows:

you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone (if you have provided it at the time of ordering) and/or an email on the same day of delivery that will notify you of the same day or the next day.
The courier will come to deliver and if he does not find anyone, he will bring the parcel back to his premises leaving a notice in your mailbox or on your bell.
If on the first attempt you have not found anyone to pick up the package, it will retry delivery the next day, and if you still can't find anyone, it will leave a notice and bring the parcel back to your premises, which will be put in storage.
At that point you should contact the courier at his premises to arrange a new delivery or pick up the package personally. If you do not contact the courier within a few days, the package will be returned to the sender.

If you have problems with the delivery time, choose an alternative shipping method, I know it has a cost and we all want to save money, but this way you will be sure of the delivery and you won't be angry with the courier or with us or with yourself, because if the courier doesn't come at the time you thought it would, it's not our fault, nor the driver's fault.

We try to help you in the best way possible, but we also have limits, those imposed by couriers, and even couriers have limits, and you cannot expect the driver to be there to deliver at the time you want, unless you pay for this service. I do it when I need it. I also buy a lot online, sometimes I also shop online, and if I have difficulties with delivery I ask for delivery by appointment and pay the cost, but at least I feel comfortable.

I also make other recommendations: Check that you have entered your telephone number and e-mail address correctly: if there are problems with the processing or delivery of the order it is important that you can be tracked down so that we can agree on any changes. In the days following the order, check your e-mail address: we may have sent you some communication regarding the processing of your order. You will receive an email with the order tracking (and a text message from the courier that will notify you of the delivery), but you can also find the tracking number of your order by connecting to the Hircus Filati website and accessing the reserved area. We guarantee the maximum protection of confidential information and sensitive data (see our "Privacy").

In case of non-delivery due to errors in the compilation of the address by the customer or for entering an address where there is no one to pick up the package, the package will be returned to the sender, and the customer will be charged additional shipping costs for the return of the package.

You can choose one of the available shipping methods, by DHL carrier.

The tracking code is sent by email on the day of shipment, for all types of shipments except those made with DPD for which the tracking code can be obtained the following day.

Our customers can buy on our website cones of 500 gr, we offer this possibility to our customers because for many people buying 1 kg of yarn of the same type and color is too much, especially if they are hobbyists who make only one garment per type and color. In this way our customers can buy a sufficient quantity for a sweater in various types of yarn and colors, and if they need more quantity it is enough to buy more 500 gr of the same type and color of yarn.

For this reason, we dividing the cones of 1 kg into cones of 500 gr aproximately, the label of the original package will remain on one of the two cones, in the other cone of 500 gr we affix our label copying the title, composition, color code or name and lot number from the original label. This does not mean that the yarn is no longer original, quite the contrary.

On the other hand, we have to pass the yarn over to the spooling machine because some spools are "suspicious". In fact, it often happens that in a large batch of yarns in stock that we buy there are some defective spools.

We pass the suspicious strands back to the winder and eliminate those with defects, while those that do not have structural defects we affix our label indicating the name of the article, the count, color and lot number.

These are the main reasons why sometimes you may receive some cones with our sticker instead of the original spinning sticker.

We can divide each cones into two, three or four smaller cones. Just write it in the notes form on checkout page. We cannot join in more threads because we don't have the machine, with our machine the yarn would get tangled.

Yes, please see this video:

The photographs taken for the products shown on our site were taken with light at 5500°k and balanced at 5500k in order to grammar a 100% optimal photographic start on the colors of the products. We recommend that you use the name of the color to avoid color incompatibility misunderstandings in orders due to the various calibrations of your monitors.

Sometimes it may happen that some pages of the website do not open, it is advisable to empty the browser cache. Click here to watch this video (not mine) that explains how to clear your Chrome and Firefox cache.

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Since we are dealing with yarns in stock, it is essential to make a small sample before proceeding with the final processing.
Check the first stitches and in case of irregularities immediately interrupt the work and contact our technical office.