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Are you Company?

Are you a Company ?

We have an exclusive service for you !!!

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You can buy our products at discounted price, reserved just for you.

We produce all yarns, sweaters and accessories you can see on this website in Italy in Ecocashmere recycled.

You can buy our products at reserved prices directly from this website.

To access the prices reserved to companies, you must register on our website as Company, enter the required data (if you are company in EU Country you must insert VAT number valid on VIES), then send me an email to reseller@hircusfilati.com with the request to activate the reserved prices on your account.

When we have activated the reserved price list on your account we will send you a confirmation email. From that moment you will be able to see and purchase our products at prices reserved for Companies, simply by accessing your private area with your email address and the password you have chosen during registration.

We have no minimum purchase, you can buy even just a product.

I will be available for all the information you need and to assist you with your every need.

We also produce for third parties. If you want a particular model or if you want a customized production click here to read our conditions.

If you need a sample, buy one or more products you need.

And if you want buy quantities more of 100 pcs of each model fashion or yarn, please contact us before buy.

NB: If you live in EU Country, please, enter your VAT number for not pay VAT, if you don't have VAT number valid in EU Countries you must pay VAT.

If your company live out of EU Coutry, VAT number is not needed and you don't pay VAT.

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free delivery

Free delivery on orders over 299 euro only for EU Countries

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Since we are dealing with yarns in stock, it is essential to make a small sample before proceeding with the final processing.
Check the first stitches and in case of irregularities immediately interrupt the work and contact our technical office.