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Washing Ecocashmere


The washing process of the ecocashmere is the same as for cashmere, follow these steps.

Machine wash is carried out when fiber is used to bring out the classic cashmere fur on the surface. The indicated washing is very delicate and the presence of vinegar will be an excellent descaler:

- Machine wash at 30 ° for 7 minutes with very little detergent for delicate items

- Rinse in the washing machine

- Machine wash at 30 ° for 7 minutes with very little fabric softener and 1/4 scoop of white wine vinegar

- Centrifuge at 400 rpm for 5 minutes (or as little as possible)

- Dry flat without exposing to direct sunlight

This washing procedure is valid whether it is a sample, finished garment or yarn itself.

If you want to bring out the classic cashmere fur, increase the spin speed a little.

But please, always make a sample before doing the final work, so you can decide whether to work it more or less tightly and whether to wash it more or less, in order to achieve the result you like best.

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Since we are dealing with yarns in stock, it is essential to make a small sample before proceeding with the final processing.
Check the first stitches and in case of irregularities immediately interrupt the work and contact our technical office.